Esri event videos
Great for seeing what is possible and what is coming. Videos from the recent Esri Federal Conference are now online:

  • Our Technology (3:42) — high-level presentation of our technology
  • Landscape Apps (7:49) — powerful analysis of landscape content, in a browser
  • ArcGIS Pro (11:42) — new app coming this summer
  • 3D Everywhere (4:56) — totally cool! 3D in a standard browser


Training videos
60-second intro to GIS video which may be useful for trainings:

“What is GIS?” zone:


“Training Seminars”
Are about doing exploration and analysis using online tools (“Training Seminar” means a short “watch and listen” session, free, requiring just an Esri Global ID to log in).

Gain Geographic Insight with ArcGIS Online Analysis Tools

Create Enhanced Information Products with Esri Maps for Office

Also, Landscape Analyst is now available from the Esri Marketplace

There’s not yet a class for it but, if you want to see what it can do, see this short video from UC2013:

* Getting Started with GIS v.10.1, 10.2, 10.3 & AGOL (free – 1 module)

* Teaching with GIS: Introduction to Using GIS in the Classroom – v. 10.1, 10.2 & AGOL (free – 1 module)

* Creating and Hosting Map Service with ArcGIS Online – v. 10.1 & AGOL (free – 1 hour Training Seminar)

*Increase the Value of ArcGIS Services with ArcGIS Online – v. 10.1 (free – 1 hour Training Seminar)

* Put Your Community on the Map – v. 10.1 (free – 1 hour Training Seminar)

*Gain Geographic Insight with ArcGIS Online Analysis Tools – v. 10.2 (free – 1 hour Training Seminar)

* Smartphone GIS: Capturing Data with Collector for ArcGIS – v. 10.1 (free – 1 hour Training Seminar)


“Web Courses
A convenient, online opportunity to learn at your own pace. Unlike “Training Seminars”, you have the opportunity to receive hands-on exercises with data (requires local access to Esri software), additional activities to reinforce conceptual material, and a Certificate of Completion. K-12 Educators and students may apply for discount codes by contacting Isla Young at

* Creating and Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS Online –v. 10.2 ($32 – 1 module)

*Finding Geographic Data in ArcGIS –v. 10.1,10.2 ($32 – 1 module)

*Referencing Data to Real-World Locations Using ArcGIS –v. 10.1,10.2 ($32 – 1 module)

*Solving Spatial Problems Using ArcGIS –v. 10.1,10.2 ($32 – 1 module)


GIS links and tips provided by Charlie Fitzpatrick, GIS in Schools Program Manager.