CTE resources provided by Charlie Fitzpatrick, GIS in Schools Program Manager.

Esri Press has a downloadable catalog and an app (both facilitate browsing), and offers desk copies to instructors. These resources are especially valuable for CTE instructors working with ArcGIS Desktop. For instance, there’s a great new book integrating GIS and remote sensing. See http://www.esri.com/books

When asked how to work toward careers in these arenas, I always suggest building geographic thinking and analysis. This is easy to do, even from a young age, with ArcGIS Online. This trio of documents can help educators get started:

CTE is an arena of growing importance as GIS moves into more industries and the cost of college keeps rising. Esri partner Digital Quest, http://digitalquest.com, makes materials for CTE. They have different packages for various content areas, and offer certifications designed in concert with higher ed and industry. All packages engage ArcGIS Desktop. You can see online a video from the Esri 2009 User Conference featuring a couple of kids and their experience using these materials.

http://esriurl.com/k12gisuc2009 ((go to #23 of 25, and skip Charlie’s 3 minute intro))

I hope these can help you work with the STEM enthusiasts, CTE programs, and counselors in your state.