Join In

“Hawaii K12 GIS HUB is your GIS networking central allowing educators, students and industry partners to share data, projects, pictures  and lesson plans. Join today to be inspired, stay connected and collaborate with fellow Hawaii Geo Techies.” – Isla Young, WIT’s K12 STEM Education Director.


Joining the Community is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Register an account
    In the menu click on the login tab to Register an account. Create a username and provide an email address. A email will be sent to you with the password.
  2. Log In using your username and password
    In the SETTINGS, fill out the information and add a brief description about yourself or group. Upload a profile picture. You can change your password here as well.
  3. Start sharing
    Once you are logged in return to the homepage. On the upper right hand corner click on the “Add New Post” button. You can add content and upload images. Be sure to select a category that best fits the subject of what you are sharing. If none applies select the category “general”. You can ask questions, comment, share or add to any of the community members posts. Be courteous and considerate when doing so.


Some helpful tips.

  • View specific topics that pertains to you. You can view what is being shared by clicking on the “Share” tab and selecting a specific category you want to view.
  • See who’s on. You can see who is logged below the menu items. Click on their username to see what posts they have shared and comments they have made. You can comment, ask questions or add to what they have shared.



Don’t want to register an account?

No problem, just login as a guest using the login information below. You can share projects, pictures and information right to the hub.

Login details

Username: guest
Password: guest123!