Unlike any other class in Hawaii’s middle and high school curriculum,  STEMworks™ is a multi-faceted, hands-on program where students get to use the most current, high-end technologies in actual community service learning projects.

The process teaches them to:

  • Acquire and analyze information
  • Tackle locally-based issues and provide solutions
  • Apply the latest computer design and geospatial technologies

While working on a specific project, students have to the opportunity to acquire the latest tech skills from animation and CAD to engineering design and GPS, GIS.  They get to work with local industry partners, gaining the satisfaction of knowing their efforts are contributing toward improving life on their respective islands.

During the STEMworks™ process, students learn how to develop an industry partner relationship, provide an actual deliverable, and maintain an ongoing solution for the future.


Providing a creative and stimulating industry environment for our Hawaii STEMworks students is a priority in developing the next generation of Hawaii STEM professionals.

Under WIT’s STEMworks internship program, students from across the state are given the opportunity to participate in summer internships in science and technology fields. Much effort is placed on connecting the dots between the STEMworks curriculum, software tools available in the classroom, and the real world application.

Strong existing partnerships with Industry professionals allow our STEMworks students to work on actual projects utilizing the tools and knowledge gained from the STEMworks program.