Island Energy Inquiry™

July_2009-049Since it’s inception in 2009, WIT’s popular Island Energy Inquiry (IEI) program, has trained over 400 educators in its energy science curriculum and expanded from Maui to across the state.

It is the first energy education program designed for Hawaii teachers that combines scientific inquiry and engineering design processes with cutting-edge materials and technologies in the classroom.  Teachers are using this new knowledge and hands-on activities to help middle and high school students learn about and perhaps, someday solve the state’s energy issues.

A recent IEI workshop series focused on photovoltaic electricity, wind energy, solar thermal energy and energy efficiency.  In addition, the program incorporated presentations from local engineers and other energy industry representatives on various energy topics.  Participating teachers also received hands-on kits to take back to the classroom, including miniature PV modules, a four-foot wind turbine, and energy auditing equipment.

To augment the IEI curriculum and make it more tech-relevant to teens, a companion Clean Energy Hawaii STEM iPad app has been created this year by NSC Partners LLC, a Maui-based software developer.   The app is available at the iTunes store and features Hawaii-specific clean energy content that can be adapted to support innovative energy science education in any community throughout the world.

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