Browse through the list below that includes helpful GIS sites and downloads that will provide additional information, answer questions and generally invite further exploration to enhance the classroom experience.

Women In Technology, GEOTech Program
Women In Technology, GEOTech Blog
Hawaii Statewide GIS Program
Hawaii Data Clearinghouse
UH Manoa SOEST Coastal Data
Google Maps
eSchol News - GIS and Geographic Inquiry
ESRI GIS Education Community Blog

Check out these GIS related videos:

Overview of GIS:

The Ingrid Bruce (City GIS Manager) and Michael Fay (African explorer), Steve Robinson (helicopter pilot), and Seth Wiafe (health geographer) movies made by ESRI and Career Corner TV illustrate, in a captivating way, why GIS is so important for their day to day work - see the BOTTOM of this page:

For movies about GIS in agriculture, government, law enforcement, and in other fields, see the growing list of movies on:

ESRI TV’s channel on YouTube:

ESRI EdTeam’s channel on YouTube:

See the CFF Innovate Awards page and select Helix Charter for a wonderful new video showing what students are doing with GIS in secondary school in San Diego County, California:

See the web site that these students are a part of on:

Another school in San Diego, High Tech High:

A funny, wonderful movie made in the UK about GIS in education is on:

GPS-GIS Internship Movie from the University of Maryland:

GIS includes some wonderful movies on its resources page:

The “Layers of our World” video is an excellent overview of GIS:

Well done movie documentary about how GIS is used in San Francisco:

GIS Job Description:

Edutopia’s videos about the EAST program: – search for EAST videos – Environmental And Spatial Technologies.

Videos about GIS-based analysis of cholera and bubonic plague: